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Erra Design, contemporary furniture store  PROJECTS lighting store, lighting plans for architects

Architectural sketch
Custom white design wardrobe in the entrance hall of a modern apartment in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium.


Brugge Sint - Pieters _ Belgium 

_  Living room design

Architectural sketch
Contemporary Living Room Interior Design with Stylish TV Stand, Wood Clad Door, Cozy Sofa, and Modern Armchair


Pepingen _ Belgium 

_  House interior design


Braine - l'Alleud _ Belgium 

_  Entrance Hall - TV Cabinet

Architectural sketch
Marble table and designer chairs, custom contemporary buffet in a penthouse in Zeebrugge, Belgium.


Ranst _ Belgium 

_  Living room design

Countryside Villa with Thatched Roof - A Picturesque Retreat
Stunning Villa Transformation in Pepingen with Contemporary Furnishings, Modern Lighting, and Artwork

NB : Exciting developments are underway! Stay tuned for more content coming very soon to this page.

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