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Available at Erra Design, Knokke-Heist BRANDS Contemporary & Design Furniture Store

At our store, we meticulously select the brands we represent, ensuring they meet high standards in material quality, finishes, durability, and design.

Equally important to us is their production practices and ecological impact.

With environmental consciousness being a paramount concern in today's world, we prioritize collaborating with brands that actively respect the environment and work towards minimizing their carbon footprint.

However, it's not just about ecological considerations; comfort remains an essential aspect for us.

We strive to create visually appealing spaces that offer relaxation and tranquility to both the body and the mind.

Alf DaFrè

In 1951, young carpenters founded the artisan cooperative ALF in Treviso, known for its woodworking expertise.

Later, in 1957, the Piovesana brothers took ownership, transforming the cooperative into an industrial enterprise.

In the 1980's, Alf DaFrè further strengthened its identity by acquiring the Da Frè company, embracing its distinct traits:

a local, community-rooted entity with expert cabinetmaking skills, driven by artistic exploration and aesthetic research.
Today, Alf DaFrè stands as one of the most prominent companies in the international furniture market.

Alf DaFrè's mission is to create furnishings, accessories, and storage units that harmoniously bring together spaces and people, characterized by elegant, sophisticated designs. Their remarkable strength lies in offering extensive customization options and finishes to cater the unique requirements of every room in your home.

Sustainability is a core value, with streamlined processes increasing productivity while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. This dedication to eco-friendliness was recently acknowledged with the prestigious 'ECOL DESIGN AWARD 2022', recognizing their excellence in environmental protection, awarded by RECYCLA.

The synergy of craftsmanship and technological innovation empowers Alf DaFrè to produce made-to-measure furniture at a reduced cost, providing tailored solutions for each modular range, precisely fitting the space it occupies.

The company continuously reviews its products and collections to meet contemporary living needs, incorporating innovative materials and designers' creativity to reflect modern life.


Lapalma has consistently upheld the legacy of traditional wood and metalworking methods, showcasing its expertise in crafting chairs, lounge chairs, stools, and tables that are distributed worldwide. The brand successfully combines the advantages of industrial production with an unwavering commitment to meticulous details. Craftsmanship harmoniously coexists with cutting-edge industrial technology, reflecting the quintessential Italian fusion of a passion for exceptional quality.

While advanced machine tools are utilized to create the structural framework of each element, the finishing, assembly, and packaging processes are all meticulously carried out by skilled hands. This fusion of human touch and technological precision ensures a seamless balance between speed, precision, and efficiency. Each piece undergoes visual and manual inspections, ensuring a rigorous standard of quality control, and exemplifying Lapalma's dedication to delivering exceptional products to its discerning customers.


AMURA embodies multiple meanings, from "amore" (love) to "solar eclipse" in Tahitian, or even "wide smile" in Japanese. However, it primarily represents the Mediterranean warmth of its birthplace, Altamura, and embodies the delicate and authentic beauty of the South. It reflects traditional craftsmanship, where quality is a fundamental aspect. Rooted in a continuous exploration of natural materials, AMURA strives to achieve a flawless fusion of form and function through its design. Its artisanal finishes receive meticulous attention within a technologically advanced context, making these values the essence of AMURA.

More than just a brand, it is a dynamic research laboratory and experimentation hub for shapes, design, trends, and materials. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, it never loses sight of its roots in craftsmanship and heritage. This visionary project emerged from the talent and inspiration of Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell, who have assembled a team of researchers, creatives, artists, and designers to collaborate on groundbreaking concepts, products, and spaces. Their central focus is always on the people who inhabit and interact with these spaces, ensuring a user-centric approach to their work.







& in terms of lighting ? . . .

In the realm of lighting, we collaborate with renowned brands such as Martinelli Luce, O'luce, and Flos, which boast iconic models that no longer need to be presented. These fixtures are always nice additions to any project, being real eyecatchers. 

Furthermore, when it comes to creating lighting plans, Patrick, our light designer, enjoys working with Arkoslight, Doxis and Braga. These brands exemplify minimalism and finesse, elevating the aesthetics of any interior space to new heights.